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Welcome to Incarceration Transparency – South Carolina. This website reflects the vision of Professor Andrea Armstrong as well as the diligent work of law students at the University of South Carolina School of Law. The data shared here is collected by upper-level law students in Professor Madalyn Wasilczuk’s Eighth Amendment Law & Litigation Course. Each year, the students file public records requests statewide on specific incarceration topics, including deaths in custody. This website is a project of the Technology and Legal Innovation Clinic at Loyola Law School, New Orleans, supervised by clinical Professor Judson Mitchell.


Madalyn K. WasilczukProfessor Wasilczuk joined the University of South Carolina School of Law faculty in 2021. Her scholarship focuses on criminal legal system issues including the law of policing and prisons, the death penalty and other extreme sentences, and children’s rights in the legal system. She directs the Juvenile Justice Clinic and teaches courses that cover the death penalty, sentencing practices, youth justice, criminal procedure, and race and the law. Before joining academia, Professor Wasilczuk represented children and adults at all stages of proceedings as an Assistant Defender at The Defender Association of Philadelphia. She has also served as a fellow with the International Legal Foundation in Myanmar and Tunisia. Professor Wasilczuk is a graduate of New York University School of Law and American University.


Bryce Cassista, Dylan Crossland, Ariel Dunham, Dante Esposito, Summer Giles, Molly Sue Harmon, Lawton Harper, Ryan Henry, Adriana Hernandez, Ian Johnson, Molly Keegan, Jake Lewis, Sam McKenzie, Michael Miller, Chelsea Mott, Rhiannon Parker, Christel Purvis, James Robbins, Hannah Rondon, Nathan Schmitt, Jacob Selvey, Matt Stevens, Robert Tiro, and William (Carson) Tolar

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Reilly Lerner, Nikesh Amin, Lauren Hoyns, Christel Lopez Purvis, and Paige Brown


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