Ricky "Keith" Whatley

Ricky “Keith” Whatley

Ricky “Keith” Whatley

May 17, 1968- July 14, 2017

Ricky “Keith” Whatley, first graced the world on May 17, 1968, and took his final bow on July 14, 2017. His departure while incarcerated does not diminish the vibrancy and fullness of the life he led.

Originating from Denham Springs, Keith’s journey led him to Florida for a brief chapter of his life. He then found his way back to the familiar terrains of Denham Springs, where the warmth of family and friends awaited him. Keith had two siblings, Gary and Dainta. He is survived by his two children, Rachel Leanne Whatley and Ryan Allen Whatley.

Crafting a narrative for Ricky, known fondly as “Keith” by his friends, is akin to painting with half a palette. While I was not able to interview his friends and family, social media posts provide a glimpse into aspects of his life.  

A spirited fan of the LSU Tigers, it wasn’t uncommon to find Keith cheering for his favorite team. Music was a source of joy for Keith, and he loved the adventures of Harry Potter and the thrills of suspense novels. One of his favorite movies was Friday the 13th, and he enjoyed the strategy of Texas Hold ’em and the luck of slots.

He was a skilled craftsman, and the masterpieces he created for C.W. Custom Cabinets stand as a testament to his dedication. Music served as another source of joy for Keith.

Ricky “Keith” Whatley

Ricky “Keith” Whatley

Keith is remembered fondly by many.  His sister Dainta paid tribute to her brother by posting his picture on what would been his 56th birthday. The caption read “Happy Birthday which would have been # 56. I love and miss you soooo much. You could never imagine how much!” Many of Dainta followers flooded the comments with love and support. One commenter noting that his friend Keith is “remembered well, and spoken of often”. The outpouring of affection from her community reflects Keith’s lasting impression.

Remembering Keith isn’t about focusing on the end, but rather celebrating the wonderful moments that made his journey unique. He may have been taken from this world, but his spirit remains, echoing in the stories shared, the memories cherished, and the lives he touched. Ricky “Keith” Whatley’s legacy is not just in the art he created, or the tunes he played, but in the love he shared and the hearts he warmed. May his friends and family always hold onto the light he brought into their lives.

Author: Jordan Percy


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