Randall Toler

November 12, 1989-April 20, 2015

Randall Toler

Randall Toler was born on November 12, 1989, in Lexington, Kentucky to Randall Toler and Tina Renee Ballard Fugate. He was part of a big family with two sisters, Rachel and Jessica, and three brothers, Brandon, Casey, and Johnny. Randall’s grandparents lived in Irvine, Kentucky, and Randall’s other grandfather resided in Georgetown, Kentucky. 

Randall spent most of his life in Estill County in Kentucky. Due to the Kentucky River’s deep valley and Estill County’s location at the edge of the Cumberland plateau, Randall grew up surrounded by picturesque topography. He mainly lived in Irvine, Kentucky, a small town situated in the fertile bottomlands of the Kentucky River. Randall likely spent his younger years scouring this beautiful scenery with friends. An avid outdoorsman, this scenic location provided many fishing opportunities for Randall and his friends and family. Randall attended Estill County High School, the lone high school in the area, graduating in 2008. He also attended Eastern Kentucky University, although it is unclear if he completed the degree. Randall then became a construction worker, eventually moving down to Picayune, Mississippi. He was a religious man and a member of the local River Drive Christian Church in Irvine, Kentucky.

Public records and online searches yielded few insights into Randall’s life, aside from a 2018 article about the untimely deaths of incarcerated individuals in the East Baton Rouge Parish jail. On April 18, 2015, Randall Toler, who was 25 years old at the time, was incarcerated at East Baton Rouge Parish Jail. He passed away two days later. 

Randall was a diabetic, and his death could have been prevented if he had been given routine medical care. Instead of being able to enjoy the rest of his life with family and friends, Randall Toler instead became a statistic—one of 25 incarcerated people between 2012-2016 who died in the East Baton Rouge Parish jail.

Research from both Randall and his brother’s Facebook and Instagram pages provides a glimpse into Randall’s life. Randall was a caring brother to Brandon. Brandon wishes his brother a happy birthday every year, remarking that he misses his brother’s companionship and guidance. The love between the brothers is apparent, and Brandon’s posts evince a younger sibling wishing for one more heart-to-heart with his older brother, Randall.

Glimpses of Randall’s Facebook page hint that he had some trouble in his life, feeling as if nothing would ever go his way. However, Randall used his faith and support from family and friends to push him through the day, posting that “God will take you through hell just to get you to heaven.” Indeed, Randall tried to go about life with Philippians 4:13 always in the back of his head, posting the aforementioned verse which states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Randall Toler

Although life came with its struggles, Randall moved about life with joy and humor. He was able to find happiness in fishing, jokingly posting that “it’s just about fish-thirty.” Randall also loved the New Orleans Saints. Although the 2014 season was no doubt a disappointment for him, as the Saints missed the playoffs due to a final-week loss to their archrival, the Atlanta Falcons, his loyalty to the team remained. Randall posted a picture just six days before his death that fully captured two major joys in his life: a selfie in a Saints ball cap, adorned with a fishing hook on the bill.

A brother, a son, and a grandson, Randall is missed dearly by those fortunate enough to know him. 

Author: Christian Westholz