Catahoula Parish

2019 Catahoula Parish Jail Budget

Catahoula Parish had a 2022 estimated population of 8,566. Facilities in the parish include: Catahoula Correctional Center and Catahoula Parish Jail. During data collection for deaths of persons in custody between 2014-2022, the following facility reported:

Louisiana Locked Up: Catahoula Parish

Vera Institute of Justice: Every region of Louisiana is harmed by mass incarceration. “Louisiana Locked Up: A Problem in Every Parish” provides data depicting both the 2021 pretrial incarceration rate and prison admission rate within Catahoula Parish.

Catahoula Correctional Center

2014 (No deaths)

2015 (No deaths)

2016 (1 death)

2017 (1 death)

2018 (1 death)

2019 (1 death)