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Missouri Deaths Behind Bars - Sources

  • Fatal State Violence Project @ Arch City Defenders – This project is a partnership between Arch City Defenders, Faith for Justice, and impacted families to address the impact of Fatal State Violence in St. Louis, Missouri. Fatal State Violence (FSV) refers to the instances in which state sanctioned institutions and their respective actors such as police officers and jails guards become deadly within a broader culture of prejudice, brutality and injustice.  Data on jail deaths in St. Louis is available here and their report analyzing deaths 2000-2019 is here.
  • UCLA Law Behind Bars Data Project – This project collects and analyzes public information about carceral mortality  in prisons, jails, youth facilities, and immigration detention centers across the United States. The project’s centralized source of data enables greater oversight of and accountability for carceral institutions. This project, started in March 2020, initially focused on the impact of COVID behind bars and February 2023 announced a new phase for the project expanding the scope to deaths from all causes.  Missouri specific data is available here.