About Us:

Welcome to IncarcerationTransparency.org, we hope you enjoyed this website. This website reflects the enormous work of law students at Loyola University New Orleans, College of Law.  The data is gathered by upper-level law students through an annual seminar on Incarceration, taught by Prof. Andrea Armstrong.  Each year, students file public records requests statewide on a specific topic and our inaugural class collected information on deaths in custody.  The website is a project of the Technology and Legal Innovation Clinic at Loyola Law School, New Orleans, supervised by clinical Professor Judson Mitchell.


Professor Armstrong joined the Loyola University New Orleans, College of Law faculty in 2010. She is a leading national expert on prison and jail conditions and is certified by the U.S. Department of Justice as a Prison Rape Elimination Act auditor.  Her research focuses on the constitutional dimensions of prisons and jails, specifically prison labor practices, the intersection of race and conditions of incarceration, and public oversight of detention facilities. She teaches in the related fields of constitutional law, criminal procedure, law and poverty, and race and the law.

Professor Judson Mitchell is the clinical professor at the Technology and Legal Innovation Clinic at Loyola Law School. Professor Mitchell supervised and directed the creation of this website. He is also responsible for the database creation, management,  and internal coding of this website.  Professor Mitchell is also the clinical professor of the Misdemeanor Clinic at Loyola Law School New Orleans.


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